Tygerian Lace and "A Evening with Shein X"

Tygerian Lace and "A Evening with Shein X"

Greetings, Fellow Fashion Lovers!

Here is the scoop on "A Evening with Shein," hosted by the Shein team in the heart of Washington, D.C. The event was a hit! 

I arrived to the Shein X office and was greeted with excitment! After brief introductions I dove into my interview, then headed to the rooftop to mingle with fellow local designers.

The evening conversations brought a forth an exchange of ideas that flowed effortlessly. From spirited discussions about design techniques to sharing anecdotes of our respective journeys in the industry, every interaction was infused with a palpable sense of excitement and possibility.

As the night unfolded, it became abundantly clear that "A Evening with Shein X" was not merely an event but a celebration of the vibrant talent that defines our dynamic fashion community in the nation's capital.

Thank you to the Shein team for the amazing experience and the Discover Shein X program for giving me such awesome platform. 

Watch recap here!

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